Hacking can be used to create fraud in many instances. There are four main ways that hacking occurs. The first way is SQL injection which allows a person to have complete access to all of your files. The second way is remote access which also grants a person access to all your files. This then allows them to easily dig up everything they can to be used to create fraud. Also ineffective patch management can be a huge way that hackers can gain access to accounts. This often occurs in big business when a lot of files and accounts are linked together. Finally the last way hackers get into people files is just through the lack of security. This should be a shout out to all consumers to at least have some kind of additional security on their computer’s so that they don’t get hacked into. Hacking is one of the major forms of identity theft and is also probably one of the hardest to stop. So to those consumers out there be aware of the effects of hacking and how it can destroy your identity.

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