Credit card fraud has become a huge problem all over the world but, the best way to get rid of it is to prevent it in the first place. There are several ways to prevent fraud in the first place starting with security pins. Security pins offer top notch security that only allow for the actual owners to access information as well as purchase items. Also a lot of fraud happens because of hacking and server failure. A huge way to prevent that is by enabling firewalls and security systems into networks. Also what goes along with that is using complex and strong inscriptions on wifi so that not everyone can get on it and access shared files. Finally by checking devices for skimmers a lot of credit card numbers will be protected and fraud will decrease. Lastly though in 2011 when the Durbin Amendment was passed it took money from financial institutions. These institutions then had to shut down fraud prevention programs in order to save money. The Durbin Amendment then directly increased fraud and cost the government over 170 billion dollars in trying to fix fraud. So if the Amendment was abolished fraud would definitely decrease over time. Prevention is the key to eliminating fraud and by eliminating the Durbin Amendment as well as using the strategies listed, fraud can be prevented.

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