Durbin Amendment Leading to Police Officer Cuts

There was a huge confusion last week when the Mayor of Lincoln announced he was going to have to cut two policemen. Everyone wanted to know why this was happening. When fraud began to increase this spring, because of the Durbin Amendment, the budget for the police to monitor fraud went up.This caused the mayor

to make some cuts. It’s a sad day when the policemen, who have been putting their lives on the line, have to be cut because of the Durbin Amendment. This Amendment made it so that fees on debit cards could only be as high as around 20 cents.

This fee restriction has now limited the resources that companies can use to create and maintain fraud programs. This has started a domino effect and is beginning to require many different operations to make budget cuts. With fraud increasing police have had to focus more on fraud and less on other things such as car accidents. With the Durbin Amendment still in place our officers will continue to be cut as more effort is need to stop fraud.

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