Durbin Affecting All Types Of Debit Transactions

Many gas stations continue to harp on that their pricing systems are mainly based on interchange fees. This is because about 36% of the transactions at gas stations are with debit cards. Gas stations claim that there are still high interchange fees being placed on them even with the addition of the Durbin Amendment. The Durbin Amendment was created in 2011 to help lower interchange fees between debit card companies and retailers. Retailers such as, gas stations promised to continue the trend by giving the consumers a break. The truth though, is just the opposite happened.

Gas stations even with ridiculously low interchange fees today continue to now lower prices even with the Durbin Amendment. When really if this was happening couldn’t they give people big discounts for paying in cash. This could be an easy way to at least prove interchange fees are such a big problem. While really their whole business model is to just try and get you not just buy high priced gas but come into the store and buy massively marked up goods. So even with the Durbin Amendment reducing interchange fees by more than 50%, gas prices have remained the same and items inside the convenient stores remain marked up.

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